Heavy-Duty Motor Home & Bus Towing in British Columbia

Fast Local 24/7 Motor Home and Bus Towing

Get your motor home or bus towed with 24/7 professional local towers, Jamie Davis Towing

  • Did your Motor Home or Bus get stuck in a ditch?
  • Did your bus or motor home break down and you have no way of moving it?
  • Are you stranded on a highway with your family and passengers?

We’re the top company in lower mainland BC for flatbed towing, general roadside assistance, commercial towing, long haul towing, and heavy-duty towing. We serve the areas of Chilliwack, Hope, Surrey and all the surrounding areas.

So, if your vehicle is stuck, you can be sure we’ll be there to pull it out quickly and easily!

We provide fast emergency heavy duty towing throughout lower British Columbia

Fast Emergency Towing

Jamie Davis works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. We make sure you and the motorists of British Columbia are safe on the roads.

We’re licensed to tow in Canada and the United States.

Affordable British Columbia Service

We are cost effective professionals in automotive towing and roadside assistance throughout British Columbia. We have an entire team completely adapted to working in the British Columbia terrain.

Our rates are designed for you.

A Fleet of Tow Trucks

We have one of the largest collections of trucks and tools to help you with any of your towing needs. It’s our mission to provide public safety to our neighbors and fellow residents of British Columbia.

Your Safety Comes First

We’re committed to keeping the roads of British Columbia safe and hazard free. That’s why we’re the top vehicle recovery specialists of the area.

You, are our top priority.

Save money in the long run with expert and experienced towers

Motor homes and buses are quite expensive, which is why Jamie Davis is here to recover these important investments.

Attempting to haul a camper, motorhome or bus on your own could cause extra damage to the vehicle in the long run.

Not only will we provide the safest option to towing your vehicle but we will also help contain further unknown damage and costs of your situation.

Your vehicle is completely safe in our hands.

Maintain your safety during bus/motorhome towing with the following tips

We provide fast towing service but depending on your location there is bound to be some wait time.

During this time, it is extremely important for you to prioritize your safety.

  1. Observe everything about your environment and situation: If it is safe to do so, you should surveil your vehicle to understand exactly what caused your vehicle to break down. Look for any unusual damage, leaks or situations which might continue to worsen in the future.
  2. Describe your situation as accurately as possible to our response team: Once you have observed your situation, communicating as accurately as possible to our response team is key to maintaining your safety on the highway.
  3. Keep communication open: If it is possible to keep on your emergency lights for your bus/motorhome then that would be best. Maintain communication with your passengers as well, ensure you are aware of their actions.
  4. When in doubt ask questions: We have much experience and we will be able to advise you based on our years of experience. Every situation is different and actions must adapt to each situation.

The only right answers are the safe ones, and as your local British Columbia towing experts we are here to provide you with the safest solutions we’ve developed throughout our years of experience.

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